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Complied by Steve  
"The Biz Villager" 
This News Update is Stuck in an 'Evolutionary Gear'
Perfection is not yet in sight 

This weeks Theme 
'Thought Provoking' with a DASH of 'Start Up' then baked in some Legal foreplay.
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How is your Evolution going lately? 

Stand still and become enslaved in someone else's Evolution Revolution.

A Norwegian cruise line is planning to power its ships with dead fish. 
So tell me, what evolutionary stuff have you done lately?  
Date: Friday 30th November 
Where: Edgewater Dining Restaurant, Isle of Capri
Time: 7am
Cost: $25.00 Breakfast and Coffee (Pay @ Counter)
Google Map:
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7:00am - 7:30am Coffee and Mingle
7::35am Seated for start of Meeting 
8:30am Wind down and finish
8:35am Informal Mingle - Goodbyes etc.

 >> Guest Interview:  NIGEL FILE  
 >> Member Interview: Nelson Wockner 
 >> Member  Card Update:  Keith Bond 
 >> Member  Card Update: Christine Litera 

Updates now include members media posts as they are published

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Nigel File

Serial Entrepreneur and all round good Dad

A Real and Raw Gold Coaster

Invited by Steve Holmes
I have known Nigel for a few years, probably almost as long as I have been a Kiwi in transition. 
Nigel has always impressed me with his "idea to action" styled personality and approach to business.
Nigel has created two Start Ups and one Acquisition before selling them all.

Scody will the most recognisable National and International brand - but it was not all smooth riding.

The question tone for this very informal 20 minute interview is

  1. Why start up a Business and where or how did this idea get into his head
  2. Nigel's pathway to  . . . 
  3. What's in a name ?
  4. Motivations 
  5. Kids, Camper Vans and Skateboards
  6. Favourite Australian place apart from the Goldie.
Nigel is very personable and easy to related to, he embodies the "Give it a Go" Entrepreneurial Culture so entrenched here on the Goldie.

Bob East

The Mantra Man

16 November 2018

by Steve Holmes
Bob provided a very easy and entertaining overview of his rise up through the tourism accomodation industry.

His pathway lead him to the creation of the Gold Coast based Mantra Group in 2006 through to a successful public listing on the ASX June 2014, then the ASX 200 in 2015.
Bob then lead the company to the successful realisation of a $1.3b enterprise value acquisition by ACCOR in 2018.
The word Mantra according to Bob was not derived from anything special, but is a word that transcends most languages across the Globe.

Bob's Key topical points
When looking at the Gold Coast's current climate and immediate future:
Health, Education, Events, and Technology were all key positive leads in his rhetoric and will provide small to medium businesses with blue sky opportunities going forward.

A key takeaway will be how can BEN Members align and reposition themselves to move with this momentum?

Property Development is Chinese Checkers!
Development is the ongoing life blood of a tourism based Gold Coast economy, but we are now experiencing many developments pulling back or terminating due to the outgoing tide of Chinese funding / investment.

Stuck in the Mix
The Gold Coast will continue to be stuck in a mixed use apartment market versus the big budget builds in competing 'Event' Cities such as Singapore, which attract impressive purpose built conference and restaurant assets, supported with appartments specific to its purpose. 

Bob is a champion of Visa Reform.

Flat to Middler
The Gold Coast property market whilst remaining flat to negative in the foreseeable future has not seen the dramatic rises of the Southern States and as such shouldn't see any significant failures.

The Millennial Bob
Millennial's are just Baby Boomers dressed in different clothes and shorter hair!
Bob reckons he had just the same expectant aspirations when he was younger, and I agree with Bob, although I don't know how long his hair was back then and I was trying to picture him wearing "Bell Bottom" jeans on the way through to his entrepreneurial and corporate successes.

Bob is currently Chair of Tourism Australia, Deputy Chair of the Gold Coast Suns Football Club (AFL) and Chair elect of Experience Co.

Bob's Linkedin Profile

Thanks Bob and thanks Richard for bringing him along.


To my law student self (some 15 years or so ago)


this is just a little letter to you (from me now) about all the things no one will have the guts to tell you to your face, but you will eventually figure out (the long hard way)

Finding what you want to do when you grow up.

Here is the secret truth lawyers don’t tell you unless you know them well – many, many, many lawyers (even ones double your age) are still trying to work out what to do when they grow up. READ MORE

We look forward to some intelligent legal stumbling and fumbling on this subject by our local BEN Members. 
The floor is open! 

I faithfully swear

to be a lawfully wedded partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until the taxman do us part.


Corporate reconstruction exemption from transfer duty

When a corporate group changes it's structure in a corporate reconstruction and transfers property between group companies, it may be considered a dutiable transaction and liable for transfer duty.


Developing your human capital

Christine Litera is our BEN Member expert 

Putting a financial value on Linchpins 

Picture your most valuable team member...

She leads, she connects others, she makes things happen. She creates order out of chaos. She is the one that figures out what to do when there’s no rule book. She delights and challenges her customers and peers. She loves her work and pours her best self into it. I’m talking about an employee who’s a Linchpin.

So what is a linchpin you may ask?


A Linchpin is a person who’s literally indispensable to your organisation. They’re the type who doesn’t go down a well-defined path; instead they make informed choices. They make a difference.

You know the key employee that you would do anything to keep and retain? That’s a Linchpin. She adds so much value to your business that you could never put a price on her contributions.

Christine Litera knows the value of a linchpin in any business, and she can help you develop this overlooked asset in your business.

This thought provoking piece was actually a recruitment ad on Linkedin recently.

Christine Litera may like to comment or expand on this? 
Check out Christine's BEN BIZ CARD

An Edgewater Experience

Courtesy of Peter & Tracey Cianci

B.E.N. Breakfast Venue 

Edgewater Restaurant 

BEN Rates this Venue as Highly Recommended
If you have an event coming up, or just want a little bit of exclusivity?

Edgewater’s private dining room seats up to 20 guests, so gather your people, and worry only about the serious business of eating and merriment.

To Book: http://bit.ly/EdgeDine
Or Call: 07 5570 1624
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It's a Village out there!

But first you need a tribe

You have a great Business but who knows this?

Your business will always need a Village that love's and advocates what you do. - its primal stuff!  

So let's get the crawling mastered first - You need a loyal tribe, before you go on to win over a Village of your own.

Tribes light the fires and engage the Village Interest - Villages embrace the Tribal fires. Tribes are made up of your family Friends - Friends of Friends, Colleagues and other such 'hanger-on-ers'

This tribal and Village analogy is no new hi-tech social phenomenon, it is simply a primal bottom up human skill. A skill that has been mowed down and engulfed by a massive Techno-Social wave over the past decade or so, leaving most Business owners disoriented at best.

The emergence of the Google Zombies is however a new phenomenon as on mass they seek out global supremacy, stampeding a new online pathway to business utopia. A Utopia of 2 hour work weeks,  "Driverless" Businesses models and Billionaires at a blink of the eye !

This race to the top is a  mere 'trick' or 'Spell' over common sense.
Google and their impressive suite of online wizardry can work very well particularly those who seek global domination and those aspiring to. But does all Business need this Global Google magic trick? I say no! Go back home to your tribe and rebuild a decent fire to enjoy - there is not enough room on the online pathway to global dominance, nor is it the right pathway to what wealth means to you and your tribe.

Do not become enslaved in someone else's evolution revolution.
Be a little unrealistic often, project yourself beyond today - look through the "Looking Glass" to see your potential and feed off it.

Doing One Thing at a Time
Get your 'Ducks' in a row and rebuild your tribe, then let the nearest Village know of your existence.

Get Centralised and Connected within your tribe.

Fan your Feathers and show off your Contribution Value.

Be remarkable at what you do. 

Be resourceful with what you do.

Surround yourself with the talents of those who can make your vision a reality. 

There is no google in this basic view point, but there is an unconditional Willingness to engage in lifting yourself up and beyond todays realities - take that next step! 

Consider this as my contribution to this weeks theme of  something 'Thought Provoking"

Cheers Steve 
BEN Card Details

The markets are down down down or

We may have seen the bottom

Clifford Bennett is a former Guest at the BEN Breakfasts 

  • USA: DOW Stocks are struggling to make new lows:
  • Optimism returning to make new positions 
  • Dominant risk to the upside
  • Markets will typically do what investors lest expect 
  • German Reports have been miss interpreted - watch for an uptick in the Euro 
  • Buying sterling now is for brave, but an opportunity.
  • G20 meeting should green light stocks

Global Macro-Market Economist
Speaker APEC Summit Russia 2012,Caixin Summit Beijng,
Author: WarriorTrading,
Bloomberg "world's most accurate currency forecaster"

Please explain Mr Hamilton - Alex that is!

Low interest rates and the rise of the zombies

BEN Member Alex Hamilton Ord Minnet recently shared this view

Low interest rates have kept poorly managed businesses — ones that can’t manage their debt through cashflow — shuffling along like the walking dead. For these entities, even small changes to the financial landscape can have profound impacts.

It is increasingly difficult to discern whether financial and asset markets drive the economy or whether the economy drives asset markets. As financial markets are now multiple times the size of the real economy, it seems logical to believe that economies might be the boat and financial markets the ocean. 

Why not grab Alex for a one on one to walk you through this.

Australian Citizenship up for a change?

Congestion issues and Old Rules

BEN Member, Sed Crest may be able to shed some light on this ever increasing complication

The government is expected to bring back an amended version of it's citizenship bill, which would toughen the conditions to obtain citizenship.
Currently, people have to reside in Australia for at least four years and be a permanent resident for at least one year to be eligible to citizenship. With the proposed changes, people would have to be a permanent resident for at least four years to be eligible. There would also be a new English test.


Consider this as a parting thought provoking view on 'Purpose'

Debate this wording, refine its meaning and increase your purpose for attending a BEN breakfast.

Are you a Small to Medium Business owner/entrepreneur who aspires to a greater and higher success level, a true Gold Coast Business Champion in your field of expertise ?

This Email Magazine (Dubbed "The Biz Villager") is 95% aspirational and 5% expertise.
The purpose is to  . . .  

  1. Summarise the Gold Coast news as it boils down in relevance to the BEN Breakfast table, by injecting bite sized newsy stuff in a fun, and easy to understand manner
  2.  Change the same old boring sh#t! that we read (whoops that slipped out too easily) Simply that means I personally don’t like that stale old status quo which isn't moving in sync with the speed of change here on the GC. I along with others have felt the urge to take matters into our own hands in order to move the Goldie Business attributes from the bottom up to who knows where - Could be a tribal uprising ? but as long as it moves us forward - this has to be  something that gets you out of bed for and to take on the world - I hope you get the point! 
  3. Bottom Line and key takeaway is to keep you informed through these emagazine newsletters, that highlight a handful of bite sized topics, and adding persecutive, colour and generally making it easy to understand. It's not traditional but it’s by a Gold Coast Biz Villager for the Gold Coast Biz Villager - Hmmm could this newsletter one day grow up to be a powerful and influential Australian Business Beast! 
Cheers Steve 

Looking through the Links.


Business Schooled, Synchrony

(20ish minutes)

Hear from the entrepreneurs who wrote the book on “startups” -- Millennials aren’t the only business owners who know a thing or two. Hosted by co-founder of Initialized Capital and Reddit Alexis Ohanian, Business Schooled is your crash course on entrepreneurship by the people who’ve seen it all: Gen Xers and Boomers. Every 20ish-minute episode highlights a different entrepreneur making waves outside the Silicon Valley limelight.
The Boomers are not dead yet baby! 
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