Hi all the this is the page that you can share.
Please note that any guest invitations need to be approved by Nelson and Richard.

The BEN Network content throughout this site is designed for you to connect, view and share on your mobile phone. This is a simple and effective sharing tool at your fingertips 24/7.

You can easily share this page on your mobile phone by clicking this icon at the bottom of your mobile phone and choose “message” to send to your friend/colleagues phone

An informal orientation

A few words of introduction and explanation to this online resource and tool.
This is a centralised information hub for the BEN Network members. A Web Hub that manages and enhances a constant information flow by the members and also projects the BEN Networks aspirations.

  1. Visit the “Members” page to view current online members biz cards
  2. Visit the “Meetings” page to view meeting structure and a currently list of attendees to Friday meetings
  3. Visit the “Social page” which displays live coverage of all members social posts, updated every 5mins so that all members can see each other’s activities online.
  4. This serves to inform, reinforce, galvanise and share membership Relationships and Resources. This is also very educational useful resource.

A thought on your daily efforts . . . “Add Value or don’t do it”

The purpose of the Centralised BEN Network Web app is to act as an . . .

  1. “Added Value” tool extension to the Friday meetings.
  2. “Up to date” Mobile & Central Online reference & connection to the BEN people and their resources.
  3. Online mobile phone to phone Biz Card for you to share with your networks

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