About Steve

Hi all my name is Steve Holmes. Originally from Waikanae New Zealand, I now live on the Gold Coast Australia. I would describe myself as a passionate 'Active Lifestyler,' an Aspirational Cyclist and Runner. I have enjoyed and operated in the business world for most of my adult life. I have learned that a new reality awaits us all just around the next corner! For me it was Cancer, an unwanted guest in my life. Cancer transported me to my edge, an edge that I didn't know existed. From this edge I could see a lot more and I discovered a new freedom far from the conformity of a very crowed centre. Life for me has not travelled in my expected straight lines. I have learn’t that this is actually life in it's fullest reality. WHAT STOOD OUT ? - Being Terminal with no chance of survival - I found a lot in these words - TICK TINY GOALS & WALK ON WATER - also- "BE A LITTLE UNREALISTIC OFTEN . . . feed my Visions and Dreams” as my survival literally depended on it. Cheers Steve . . . www.steveholmes.net.au
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