B.E.N: on Biz June 1st 2018: Featuring Colin Wheeler: Thanks to everyone going easy on me this morning as I weaved my way in and around Colin Wheelers interview -Thoroughly enjoyed your company and in particular Nelson’s little talk on how B.E.N got started  Until next time  Steve
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1st June 2018
Edgewater Restaurant

This morning we interviewed Colin Wheeler a Gold Coast Businessman who had immigrated from the cooler English shores some 30 years ago. Colin’s reason for relocating . . .the Queensland sun was the lure.
Thank you Colin for your time this morning informing and entertaining with your knowledge in the world of Document Solutions and its fast evolving landscape which impacts the way we as individuals and teams live in and interact with the modern office environment.
Colin also brought the understanding of the ‘Homeless” in our Gold Coast streets and just who these people actually are, citing one surprising fact, that 60% of our Homeless people, are women and children who have been negatively impacted by marriage and or family breakdowns. We make the generalisations that suit our ability to function and for most that means walking on the other side of the street, so as not to be impacted or drawn into someone else’s “Can of Worms” . . . Colin lifted our eyes and awareness. If you can, please support Colin and the CEO Sleepout at CBUS Stadium on the 21st June, make a small shift in your thinking and see a larger and I am sure more rewarding change wash through your everyday lifestyles . . . very often the change or reward that you are looking for in life comes via an entirely abstract or disconnected place or event. As Colin said this has to be one of the most rewarding “Networking” opportunities you will ever engage in. All the money raised on the Gold Coast remains on the Gold Coast.

Thank you once again Colin

Colin Wheeler
Owner – Director
Company: Document Solutions Australia
“Document Solutions Australia originally started as a Konica Minolta photocopier dealer and has now evolved into a full digital one stop shop.”

Current product offerings include:

Digital Printers and Copiers – Konica Minolta, Epson, Brother, Fuji Xerox, 3D Systems and MakerBot
Production Print Division covering all aspects of the print for pay sector
Interactive and Static screens – IG3 Education
Managed I.T Services and Project Management under our All Covered I.T area
Business Voice, Broadband, Fast Ethernet and VPN Services

Dealing with Document Solutions Australia as a locally owned business, you can be assured of a solution based approach with a long term view of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Recent Card Updates

Both Sed and Stephan gave us a brief update and clarification of what their “ideal clients” profile looks like. Staying current with these Member updates will add significant ‘Leverage’ and ‘Value’ to the time that you have invested in B.E.N.

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Graydon has invited all B.E.N Members to join one of his 4 Teams in this upcoming event.

Graydon Kline
Managing Director
Mobile: 0413 671 303
E: Graydon@KlineConstruction.com.au

Grayden Kline, Kline Homes

Work Experience for Amy

Jump on Amy's page and take a look at her request, if you are unable to accomodate Amy then maybe you can refer her on to your colleagues. These Student work experience placements I believe are a very important function in the pathway to future careers.

My personal experience as a parent with work experience was great, but also as a case in point my son Zach who some of you may remember spoke recently at a B.E.N breakfast received generous encouragement and mentorship from Andrew Wiltshire - yes Rohan's boss. What may seem small and inconvenient in our busy work lives can in fact have substantial benefits for these young aspiring adults.
Cheers Steve

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Thoroughly enjoyed your company this morning and in particular, Nelson's talk on how B.E.N got started.

Until next time