BEN Network Purpose


HI BEN members,

Nelson Wockner and Richard Purll established the BEN Network to evolve into an information sharing and client building platform for its members as well as a great place to network and enjoy the view and food

The BEN Network Platform is our Ecosystem.
An Epicentre of our combined knowledge, Resources and Skills.

An Edge

Nelson and I would like to push along those members who would like to expand and grow through the BEN Network platform.

An active Ecosystem of cooperative use between BEN members and their unique experiences, skill sets and synergies.

4 points to consider at BEN

Establishing your unique ‘Differentiation’:
Becoming an authority in your niche is paramount to people engaging with you. 

Establish the ‘Direction’ around your niche:
Direction is vitally important.
Direction pulls together the evolutionary starting and ending points. Direction captures the essence and core of where you are heading, it provides clear pathways to your targets.

Establish your ‘Content Tilt’ around your niche:

  1. Start sourcing the content (Content Tilt) that best represents your ‘Differentiation’ and the ‘Direction’ that you want to head. It is also likely that you will be already be sitting on the content that you need to get started with. 
  2. Begin writing specifically targeted articles on your niche.
  3. Consistency of the articles content style and delivery create a default authority
  4. Become the authority in your niche

Establish Good delivery channels:
Sharing of articles on social media is our starting point.
Note: I know Tina will help us with the specifics around this.
Delivery is vitally important. 
Do you surprise and delight your customers above and beyond, leaving them uplifted?

BEN is establishing it’s Differentiation:

  1. We will begin with encouraging members to make a 30 second elevator (or hook) pitch, to the table.
  2. We encourage you to post your content weekly on Social Media weekly (at the same time each week)
  3. In 6 months we will begin broadcasting to our client base via Mail Chimp. Content will be a collection of BEN Members niche articles, with a call to action to engage with the service provider. This will include special offers for specific members clients. Limited availability to take on new clients. Limited scope to join the program etc.

Tina will help us with the specifics around this.

Examples of BEN members niche within the BEN group.
Example 1. Nelson’s niche options would seem to be property transactions, asset  protection and estate planning.
Example 2. Richard’s niche is bookkeeping, income tax, management reporting and business growth.
But the question can be extended to ask, are theses examples demonstrating ‘Differentiation’ within their respective professions? Something to consider.

We encourage you to put some thought into the above.
Nelson and Richard would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Further if you have connections who are either specialists in their business fields and/or successful in building a service business and may be interested in sharing their stories and home truths with the network please do not hesitate to approach us about asking them to be a future speaker at our breakfasts

Reagards Nelson & Richard

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