A Barrister with over 40 years Legal experience, in South East Queensland, I have dealt with the most complex, through to the most simple of cases.

Donald W Dickie
Barrister at law
National Accredited Mediator
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

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Gold Coast Office
Donald W Dickie
PO Box 1780

Office Hours
(By appointment)
8.30am-5.00pm Mon-Frid

The following questions were asked by the BEN Network members;

1. Don, what get’s you out of bed every morning, both professionally and personally?

I love the interaction and challenge of helping other Legal firms and their clients to move through and overcome difficult legal situations that very often stall a result.
Chirping birds, my female terrier Trixie and my ‘Joire De Vivre’ ( love of life ).

2. Can you please define what it is that you do?

I am a lawyer with 45 years experience and in that time I have seen infinite examples of commercial transactions, criminal conduct, delicate negotiations of all kinds and of course human loss, grief and suffering.

3. How do you achieve this?

My extensive experience allows me to move from A – Z  more quickly and efficiently than most, I pride myself in reaching workable solutions in a time efficient manner.

4. Don what do you think defines your value?

Honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and tenacity, underpinned by my deep compassion for people under stress or in conflict situations.

5. Don can you  describe your ideal Client type/attributes

Anyone who finds themselves deeply immersed in a legal bind or in unresolvable conflicts. My deep legal experience allows me to inject fresh perspective and “out of the box” view points, strategies and objective solutions.

My contributions to difficult and stressful situations demonstrate my tangible value both in solutions and financial terms

Extract from Linkedin 

As Barrister with over 40 years Legal experience, in South East Queensland, I have dealt with the most complex, through to the most simple of cases. Suffice to say, no two cases have ever been quite the same.

Beginning my career back in 1975, I have a broad range of experience including Mediation, Commercial Disputes, Family Law, Probate and Estate Disputes and Traffic Prosecutions. It’s what I have lived and breathed for many years, and I have a passion for working with clients and getting the best possible outcome.

According to the grapevine, something about my calm manner and the approach I use, makes clients feel at ease, and assists in making often difficult situations much easier.

In 1992, with over 20 years experience in law, I opted out of a 4 year Partnership at Robbins Dickie Watson, to focus on building my own business, as a sole practitioner.

Much of a lawyers works involves negotiation of satisfactory outcomes for clients in conflict. During my time developing my business as a sole practitioner, I developed a strong interest in the specialist areas of Mediation.

The goal of mediation is neither victory nor defeat, but compromise by the parties, reaching an understanding of the issues in dispute and letting go of the need to be ‘right.’

I was called to practise as a Barrister-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Queensland and of the High Court of Australia in 2008, commencing my practice at the private Bar.

Since being admitted to the Queensland Private Bar, I now specialise in Family Law and Commercial Mediation. I’ve developed strong relationships with small legal firms in South East Queensland who are looking for a Mediator on behalf of their clients. If you are looking for a Mediator, or would like to learn more about how the process works, please reach out and connect.

Areas of specialist legal practice include:
Mediation Generally
Commercial Litigation
Probate and Estate Disputes
Family Dispute Resolution
Family Law
Traffic Prosecutions