Rohan has extensive experience in all areas of family law

Rohan McAdam
McAdam Family Lawyer

Mob: 0428 786 613

Website: McAdam Family Law

Gold Coast Office
Ph. 1300 014 908
PO Box 116,
QLD 4220

Office Hours
(By appointment)
8:30am  -5:00am Mon – Frid

The following questions were asked by the BEN Network members;

(1) Rohan, what get’s you out of bed every morning, both professionally and personally?

If it’s not my 18 month old daughter calling out for me or her mother, I am up early most mornings doing laps at the pool before the family wakes up. Getting active early is a great way I find to start the day. From a professional stand point, as a family lawyer, knowing that I am able to help people and make a difference in their lives at a time that is most difficult for them is a driving factor for me that gets me out of bed.

(2) Can you please define what it is that you do?

I have extensive experience in all areas of family law including parenting, property, family and domestic violence and divorce and relationship breakdowns.

(3) How do you achieve this?

I pride myself on having matters settled quickly and cost effectively so his clients can get on with their lives.  He appreciates and understands the stress, trauma and uncertainty that people face as a result of family disputes and strives to minimise the pain in providing reliable and sound legal advice and expeditious, practical solutions.

(4) Rohan what do you think defines your value?

I am excellent in identifying issues and providing clients with clear and accurate advice.  He always puts his clients first, acting as the ‘clear mind’ to progress and settle disputes quickly and efficiently, ensuring his clients’ legal and financial position is protected from the outset.

(5) Can you describe your ideal Client type/attributes

I have no preference when it comes to clients. If you have a family law or domestic violence problem, no matter how big (or small) I will be able to assist.