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A series of  questions that BEN net pitched at me.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?


I have a very vibrant family and friendship network that feeds my aspirations and visions of what will and could be. Now add in the magic of the Gold Coast lifestyle, well I think that gives you the picture!


I love what I do, it is both creative and engaging and can be applied to almost anything. The Gold Coast is fast developing into a technology sweet spot within Australia, having all the elements of a new frontier, which I am very happy to be a part of.

What do you do Steve?

I develop Villager styled Business Communities.
Highly Purposed, Defined and Motivated Village Environments within a wider community.

How do you achieve this ?
  1. Pull everything to a centre, sift it, declutter and simplify.
    We help find and connect the dots that define a Village.
    Centralising and Connecting the Village Experiences and Villagers who Advocate and Influence them – A powerful force to feed any business model.
  2. Unlock the Villager, their Dream & their Village Story.
    We help define the Village Experience.
    Identify their Needs and Aspirations, unlocking motivations that define the Village experiences and opportunities. We then Repurpose, Repackage, Re-connect and Re-establish their relevance.
  3. Information Flows
    We help share the Village Experience.
    A vibrant Village and Villager information flow is everything, it feeds the need of like mined people who consume, share, play and advocate, the same space.
What is unique about your Contribution Steve?

I love the interaction and ambience of motivated people – Vibrant Villagers you could say. I am very good at joining the dots and seeing beyond the current tangible, to what could be.

Steve describe your ideal client or opportunity profile

Any unloved and dysfunctional Business styled Community that has an underlying financial flow, that will be realised by introducing our Village (r) Model.

Any individual business who needs to develop a specifically tailored Villager environment around their model.

Fair Dinkum Mate it’s as True as a Roo’s tale

2012: I Broke my neck seriously in the GC100 Cycle Event – I was suddenly paralysed for 8 months…but…
2013: My first ride after breaking my neck, in the pitch black of a 5:30am ride on the Gold Coast, I get to take my first turn at the front of our group of 6 riders, it felt great to be back! And then fate intervened again, before I had time to settle in I  was hit head on by a blood big Roo, – go figure those odds! Yet luck was on my shoulder, with an angry Roo entangled on my front wheel and sprawled over my handlebars our heads clashed eye ball to eye ball in the dark for the briefest of moments before his (or her?) tail slammed into the ground and in once big bounce disappeared into the dark tree line. Even though I was in shock, I could sense the panic from all behind me – I think their panic was of disbelief and fear of a re-broken neck, along with who was going to tell my wife!  I walked a way with black eye a busted bike and a bloody big Roo Story!

2016 Living Life in the Terminal Lane

CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA a very aggressive bile duct cancer – a Pancreatic / Liver Combo.
Stats- Average survival 6.8 months – NO CURE

I have endured 25 hours of surgeries & many months of painful intensive chemotherapy.
Currently I am one of nine patients world wide on experimental trial Keynote 158

Living life in the Terminal Lane has taught me much, especially to “Live Lite – Eat Lite – Move Lite & Play Lite” ! Everyday I run, cycle, Swim in the surf, and let out the real smiles. I am no longer the loneliest person in a crowed room and absolutely love the feeling of being normal, it’s so simple but it’s the best thing ever!

When you have been invaded by cancer you cannot go back to the way it was, you have to embrace it and learn (very quickly) to get alongside it. Cancer is must no longer be your foe, but instead it must become your new sunrise, new partner, and new career – Life has changed there is a new normal and for me, I have embraced this all in order to continue to evolve and live my life to it’s fullest potential.

I understood very quickly that I could not waste precious energy trying to go back to the way it was, my energy was more effective in learning to travel alongside this beast of a cancer. Cancer could not remain my a foe, but instead a new partner on a new pathway with new sunrises. I could not risk a head on confrontation against a foe I did not know or understand.

‘Things’ evolve to find their tangible form if you let it.

It’s an Evolve or Dissolve thing when you pause to think upon your life. I became very aware that ‘Life’ has it’s own rhythm and its own beat of which I am part of. It is my sole responsibility to keep in sync and reap the rewards of life by remaining aware of this understanding that I am entrusted with at birth.

“There is an ‘Art’ to living and there is a greater ‘Art’ to staying alive, yet the ‘Art’ of all ‘Arts’ is to live a full and complete life that exceeds your conscious potential, but never quite hits perfection, as that is the inspiration for tomorrows sunrise!

Pursuing Perfection confronts potential, opens up honestly, and delivers opportunities – It maintains a healthy direction. It can be scary, liberating and overwhelming, all at the same time….Read my story @ https://steveholmes.net.au