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A series of  questions that BEN net pitched at me.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?


I have a very vibrant family and friendship network that feeds my aspirations and visions of what will and could be. Now add in the magic of the Gold Coast lifestyle and I find myself waking without the alarm like a kid at Christmas.


I love what I do, it is both creative and engaging and can be applied to almost anything. The Gold Coast is fast developing into a technology sweet spot within Australia, having all the elements of a new frontier, which I am very happy to be a part of.

What do you do Steve?

I Build Villager styled Communities for Businesses

All business’s need a Villager styled community comprised of their consumer and peer group demographic. Perpetual consumers, advocates and peer groups equal perpetual revenues.

I as in ‘We’ . . .

Enable businesses to develop their own specific Villager styled Communities

Enable Businesses to embed themselves into other Villager Communities.

Specialist demographic is the fast growing ‘Active Lifestyler Villager Communities’

My current projects are ‘Ride Gold Coast’ and ‘Tedder Village’ ‘Cholangiocarcinoma Australia’ 

How do you achieve this ?

ntroduce the Villager culture. Community becomes a Village full of Villagers. Villagers Consume and advocate in a viral manner.

Re-power and revalue existing data and information that is typically fractured and disenfranchised from its intended centre.

Recharge and or reinvent the the Community’s Information Flow.

Build an “Enabling” (Technology) Platform which “Ingests” all this disenfranchised Data. This data is digested and simplified, then Re-Purposed, Re-Packaged and Re-Delivered.

The Business now has a Village with a purposeful and valuable Information Flow

New Pathways emerge, Consumer Experiences and Opportunities gain better visibility and transactions increase.

What unique skill & or Contribution Value do you bring into the equation?

I have considerable experience in developing the all important Village Vibe, and teasing out the Experiences and Opportunities within these communities. Connected Engaging Villager Communities are sticky vibrant consumers and advocates.
Experiences are tactile in the most intangible type ways and transcend the physical or financial measurements of mere mortals. It’s fresh crisp and inspiring, embrace this thought process – I do.

Steve describe your ideal client profile

Any Business that is looking to embed itself into one of our existing Villager Community’s

Any Business that is looking to establish a Villager Community around it.

Any Unmet or Underserved Market that can benefit from creating a Villager Style Community around it, which gives it new life and form. Often this is existing businesses with messy and unclear definition amongst their peers and customers.

Beyond Work

Crumpled and paralysed on the side of the road from a broken neck during a Cycling Event in 2012 was tragic  . . . but wait there’s more! –  “Terminal Cancer” – Life does not move in a straight line – is that a problem?
Living Life in the Terminal Lane

‘Cholangio the Beast,’ Cancers Champion Programmed Death Warrior, who leaves no survivors in its wake, made my broken neck look like child’s play!
Nearly 25 hours of surgeries, months of intensive chemo and now immunotherapy, I have recently gained the upper hand over a statically unsurvivable Cancer.
A Pancreatic / Liver Combo with no cure and no survivors

Living life in the Terminal Lane has taught me much, especially to “Live Lite – Eat Lite – Move Lite & Play Lite” ! Everyday I run, cycle, Swim in the surf, and let out the real smiles. I am no longer the loneliest person in a crowed room and absolutely love the feeling of being normal, it’s so simple but it’s the best thing ever!

When you have been invaded by cancer you cannot go back to the way it was, you have to embrace it and learn (very quickly) to get alongside it. Cancer is must no longer be your foe, but instead it must become your new sunrise, new partner, and new career – Life has changed there is a new normal and for me, I have embraced this all in order to continue to evolve and live my life to it’s fullest potential.

Paralysed with a broken neck to “Terminal Cancer”

Life in the terminal lane
‘Cholangio the Beast‘ – Cancers Champion Programmed Death Warrior, who leaves no survivors in its wake, it made my broken neck look like child’s play!
25 hours of surgeries, months of intensive chemo and now immunotherapy, I have gained the upper hand over a statically unsurvivable Cancer.
A Pancreatic / Liver Combo with no cure and no survivors

There is an ‘Art’ to Living Life . . . .Read my story @ https://steveholmes.net.au

I understood that I could not waste precious energy trying to go back to the way it was, my energy was more effective in learning to travel alongside this beast of a cancer. Cancer could not remain my a foe, but instead a new partner on a new pathway with new sunrises. I could not risk a head on confrontation against a foe I did not know or understand.

Thoughts are Things and ‘Things’ evolve to find their tangible form.

“There is an ‘Art’ to living and there is a greater ‘Art’ to staying alive, yet the ‘Art’ of all ‘Arts’ is to live a full and complete life that exceeds your conscious potential, but never quite hits perfection, as that is the inspiration for tomorrows sunrise!

Pursuing Perfection confronts potential, opens up honestly, and delivers opportunities – It maintains a healthy direction. It can be scary, liberating and overwhelming, all at the same time.

An irony of life is that the pursuit of perfection exposes the intangible for what it really is, “a new tangible – a new power,  just waiting to be acknowledged. This realisation came to me from deep within, as I struggled to reach out not just for survival, but beyond that. I discovered an unconditional willingness at my centre when all else seemed lost it lifted me up, transcending beyond limitations of the crowd”  Survival is a crowed centre – Living has space and freedom for the pursuit of the intangible.”

There you have it – an insight in to my thinking style !
Cheers Steve