The BEN Network Interview Questions

//The BEN Network Interview Questions

Section 1:

Q1. Where did you grow up?
Q2. What you’ve done since high school
Q3. What’s your family situation, kids etc,
Q4. Hobbies
Q5. Sports

Section 2:

Q1. What is your level of experience in the industry?
Q2. Your business’s area of expertise
Q3. Your Ideal client
Q4. Where are you headed

Section 3:

Do you have any suggestions of how to achieve these outcomes:
Q1. Save money
Q2. Increase revenue
Q3. Reduce stress
Q4 Save time

Section 4

Q1.Are there any significant changes we need to act on in the last 6 months or expected in the next 12 months and what action would be required?
Q2. Real life examples of outcomes?
Q3. Feedback from members

Open Questions

From the members

Members Discussion
Feedback from members on their clients success.

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